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We advance pharmaceutical excellence, serving global clients with precision, responsibility, and innovative solutions.

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At Expeditia DMCC, we are dedicated to advancing the pharmaceutical industry through our role as a distributor, trader, and service provider. With an extensive portfolio of over 2,000 products, we are proud to serve over 400 customers globally.

In an era of evolving regulatory challenges, our commitment to following industry guidelines closely ensures that we act responsibly in the production of final dosage forms. Our robust network among manufacturers and customers worldwide enables us to respond swiftly to requests and find effective solutions to any deviations that may arise.


Global Sourcing, Sales, and Distribution Excellence. Expeditia DMCC joins/add to renowned API producers serving veterinary industries worldwide


We offer formulations with exceptional excipients. Expeditia DMCC sources and delivers high-quality excipients, ensuring pharmaceutical excellence and innovation worldwide.


Mpowering pharmaceutical progress with precision intermediates. Expeditia DMCC sources and supplies top-tier intermediates, driving excellence in global pharmaceutical manufacturing and innovation.

Dosage Forms / Registration Dossiers

Crafting Compliance, Delivering Solutions. Expeditia DMCC specializes in Dosage Forms and Registration Dossiers, ensuring seamless regulatory adherence for pharmaceutical innovations worldwide.

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Expeditia DMCC specializes in sourcing, distributing, and providing services for the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. Our focus is on delivering excellence in products such as Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API), Excipients, Intermediates, and Dosage Forms / Registration Dossiers exclusively for the veterinary sector.

Our commitment to regulatory compliance extends to the veterinary pharmaceutical industry. We meticulously follow international guidelines for shipping pharmaceutical materials, ensuring that our processes align with the specific regulatory requirements for veterinary products.

Expeditia DMCC distinguishes itself as a dedicated partner in the veterinary pharmaceutical sector. By focusing exclusively on the veterinary industry, we provide specialized expertise and tailored solutions, ensuring our clients receive top-tier products and services to meet the unique needs of veterinary healthcare.